From obsession with Pilates to dislike for shoulder pads, Kriti Kharbanda on fashion, fitness and more

"It’s important to understand the concept and need of space in relationships. Space is necessary not just between a boyfriend and a girlfriend, but even between your parents or siblings," she said

Kriti Kharbanda’s social media feed is a delight. From fashion and fitness to pets and her relationship, the actor regularly shares snippets from the various facets of her life. So when she was in the capital recently, we decided to catch up with her to know more about her life behind the camera (read: fashion preferences, favourite foods, pandemic learnings and of course, her idea of love).

And we were in for a treat when the Housefull 4 actor shared her love for Pilates to flowy silhouettes, and also spoke about the need to understand the concept of space in a relationship, calling beau Pulkit Samrat “a truly supportive boyfriend”. Read on.

A look at your social media feed is enough to prove your love for experimenting with fashion. How would you describe your personal style?

I like to keep it chic and comfy. While sometimes it’s good to make fashion statements with your outfit choices, I feel I have become much kinder to myself now by choosing comfort over fashion. However, the one great thing about my association with Onitsuka Tiger is the fact that one doesn’t need to compromise on style or comfort. Their shoes and apparel are perfect for people who don’t want to choose one over the other.



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Is there one trend you consciously stay away from, and why?

Shoulder pads! It’s not my thing because I am a tiny person so it just makes me look broader. Apart from that, I am not an hourglass kind of person. While I love it on other people, it is certainly not something I enjoy. I like the idea of wearing something with a flare so that I can sit and chill without any worry. I don’t have to be dainty all the time.

The pandemic changed the popular approach to fashion — did it affect yours in any way?

Yes, it has. And the reason behind that is, earlier we used to take this for granted but through the pandemic, I realised how much I miss playing dress up or just dressing up to look good for myself. We still don’t have red carpets happening, and events are kind of low key with certain restrictions in place. So while earlier I used to care less about what I would wear, now I feel the need to dress up. It’s not about taking pictures or anything of that sort, but about yourself and just making yourself happy.



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In a similar vein, what has been your biggest lockdown lesson?

My biggest learning from the pandemic is to just live in the moment. I was someone who would always plan for the future and think about what’s next but now I feel like we should take one day at a time.

You also often share snippets of your workout sessions. What does your fitness routine look like?

I try to mix it up every once in a while. My latest obsession is Pilates. Weight training is a must, it gives me a different kind of high. When I need to release stress, I head to the gym. If I am happy, I head to the gym. When I have anxiety attacks, I head to the gym. So I am someone who enjoys working out because it has become a part of my lifestyle and not a mere necessity.



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Do you also follow a strict diet? Can you share more about it?

Most of the year, yes. I wouldn’t call it a strict diet but I have just replaced rice with quinoa and atta with nachni or bajra. But apart from that, I eat everything under the sun. However, I do modulate my portions but at the same time I give myself that liberty to indulge in biryani and pani puris. I have actually started making nachni pani puris with sweet potato filling. It can’t get healthier than that.

Do you ever feel burdened by the need to always have a certain body shape owing to the demands of your job?

Sometimes. I won’t lie; I was truly obsessed with it at one point but when I lost weight, I realised I liked how chubby and cute I was before.



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Of late, many celebrities have opened up about the need to maintain one’s mental and emotional health. How do you cope up with the pressures of being an actor?

I think I have a great support system. I have an amazing family and a truly supportive boyfriend, and they think that I am the best thing that has happened to the world. Having said that, of course it affects me from time to time but I am someone who gets over things very easily. I take it to heart but I also let go of it soon.

You have always been vocal about your relationship. What do you rate as the most important thing for one to have a successful companionship?

I think it’s important to understand the concept and need of space in relationships. Space is necessary not just between a boyfriend and a girlfriend, but even between your parents or siblings, too.

DIY (whether hair or skin care) became common amid the pandemic — do you also swear by any?

There are so many homemade packs I rely on, like the humble combination of besan and curd that can work wonders for your skin.

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