Georgia the horse discovers mirror for the first time, reaction is priceless. Watch

A video of an animal discovering a mirror for the first time or its antics in front of one can make for an incredibly fascinating watch. If you’re a fan of such clips, you’ll love this video of a horse named Georgia discovering a mirror for the first time.

A video of Georgia was posted on Reddit and has since won people over. The video, under a minute long, shows the horse staring at the mirror and her reaction is priceless.

“Horse discovers mirror for the first time,” says the caption shared along with the video. The Reddit user also added in the post’s comments section, “This is my baby, Georgia. She’s very special… just a little confused”.

Since being shared some 15 hours ago, the video has collected over 26,000 upvotes and several wonderful comments.

“Did she just go around back to look outside at the wall where the mirror is?” asked an individual. “Yes, yes she did. Several times. She’s used to it now, and she only looks at herself when I put her halter on or take it off, she knows she’s pretty and likes to admire herself before we go for a ride,” came the reply from the Reddit user.

“She’s very beautiful! The shape of her head is so elegant and her coat looks awesome,” shared an individual. “What a silly dog,” posted another. “I love how she keeps moving away slowly and then turning back quickly like she might catch the other horse off-guard,” shared a third.

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