‘Good music should continue to happen…’

Singer Shilpa Rao has reasons to be happy these days. With so much music happening for her and appreciation coming her way has made her all cheerful.
Initially she couldn’t believe the news. “We all love to be appreciated and especially when it comes in a form of the biggest global award nomination, what else one can ask for. I remember when I heard the news that Anoushka Shankar’s album ‘Love Letters’ which, also features my song ‘Those Words’ has been nominated in the Best Global Music Album category for the 63rd Grammy Awards, I was all numb. I wanted to authenticate the news first as so much fake news is happening around us. So, when I was able to confirm it, I was simply elated,’ she said.

“Also, it’s an all women album and that makes it more special for us all,” she added.

The singer of ‘Ghungroo Toot Gye’ (‘War’) fame is waiting to get back on stage and in studios soon.

“Of course, we all want to resume normal life as soon as possible. I miss the time in studios and live singing. Giving real performances is what I am waiting for,” Shilpa said.

Music kept Shilpa busy since last couple of months. “During this phase I have kept myself busy with recording, shooting at home, posting videos online. I recorded a song for ‘Ludo’ from home. Anoushka’s collaboration song too happened in the same phase where we shot the video sitting in our homes, so work was happening any which way. Also, I think music made all of us happy during such tough time. So good music should continue to happen,” she said.

Next year Shilpa will be seen on TV as well as in more musical collaborations. “Apart from cutting music albums, both private as well as for films, I’ll also be seen on TV for Indian pro music league, a fun musical show where I’ll get to captain a team from Mumbai,” she said.

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