Happy Birthday, Juhi Chawla: Did you know Salman Khan wanted to marry the actress, but her father said no?

It is Juhi Chawla’s birthday today and the chirpy actress clocks gorgeous 53! Oh god, these icons of the 90s have crossed fifties but they don’t look so. On Juhi’s birthday today, here’s an interesting fact that not many of y’all would know. Did you know, that Salman Khan had once asked her hand in marriage? Yes, can you believe it, no, can you imagine Salman being married to Juhi? Gosh! It does sound interesting. Anyway, Salman had proposed to her father for her hand in marriage but her father had refused. And it’s not us speculating but you can hear it from the horse’s mouth itself.

Ages ago, in an interview, Salman had revealed that he was smitten by Juhi and found her adorable. “She is very sweet. Adorable girl. I toh asked her father if he will let her get married to me. He said no,” The actor had said. When probed as to what could be the reason for rejection, Salman had shrugged it out and said, “Don’t fit the bill, I guess,” adding, “Pata nahi kya chahiye tha. (Don’t know what qualities they wanted.)” Salman looked dashing in a tee and baggy high-waist denim. He had a cowboy hat on too. Check out the video below:

Meanwhile, for some time, Salman and Juhi had a little tussle. When the reporter had asked Salman why he hasn’t signed a film with Juhi, the Bharat actor had said, “No! Juhi doesn’t want to work with me.” The actress had been asked the same question when she made an appearance on Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan. Addressing the same, Juhi had said, “Sometimes I’ve run into him – earlier, things may have improved now – and he’d just look at me as if he didn’t know who I was. So I really didn’t know what was going on in his mind.”

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