How will the pandemic influence your life? Here’s what your zodiac sign predicts

The pandemic will play a major role in bringing some changes to your life; find out what's in store for you

The pandemic has been unforgiving. Our emotions are out of control, and we are riddled with anxiety. But we must also remember we have had good times in the past, and that this is a phase which will pass. Having said that, the pandemic will play a major role in causing some changes in our life. Wondering what these could be? Jeevika Sharma, a Tarot card reader and guidance counsellor has the answers for you.


In this pandemic, spend only on the bare essentials needed to survive. If you choose to splurge on your wants, then there is a possibility that you could find your bank balance reaching zero. So, spend wisely and save wherever possible.


If you are facing financial problems, there is a possibility that someone could help you out with an idea or some advice. And, if you listen to them then you would be able to stabilise a steady flow of income and improve your current condition. 


You could meet someone who will offer you a work opportunity which will help stabilise the financial situation. The opportunity won’t help you grow financially, but will only provide you with what is enough for sustenance. Keep in mind the opportunity won’t come from a known source, but from an unknown source.


During this pandemic, you could find yourself making important decisions in haste. You need to avoid every occasion where your decision making bows to haste and impulse. Any impulsive decision could invite trouble and leave you in crisis.


It would be advisable you follow the norms established by society. You should not find your own path during this pandemic as it would cause you a lot of trouble. You need to go with the flow as it would be your safest bet.


There could be a situation where you would be required to decide on the spot or within a small time span. If you take a lot of time to make up your mind then things could go against you.


Your life could come to a standstill in this pandemic; that is why it is advised that you get a hold of your emotions. If you successfully control your emotions then you would be able to lead your life in a positive direction. Be it your finances or your personal life you would find success over everything.


This pandemic could leave you in a deadlock, and you would feel that whatever you do is taking a lot of time to reach the goal. It can be related to your career or your personal life. You are seeing challenges everywhere, but if you put a little extra effort you would see success in every endeavour.


This pandemic could bring you good fortune. You could find some work opportunity coming to you which would bring you great financial success. And, if you choose to start something new, it will run for a long time and give you good results.


During this pandemic, you could find yourself among like-minded individuals and would form a group to gain financially. It can be an NGO or a cooperative group, but any work you undertake, would be motivated by monetary gain which would have a massive reach.


You will continue to go with the flow without making any changes. You won’t feel the need to make any changes and would do fine financially. People could come to you to borrow money. Make sure even if you choose to lend, you have put enough for your survival aside first.


In this pandemic, your contacts will come to your aid and you could also establish some contacts which would help you financially. Any contact which you have already made or will make could help you and in return, they could ask you for help as well.

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