HTLS 2020: Congress on its way to a complete collapse, says Kejriwal

India needs an alternative to the Congress as it can’t give the country a future, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Friday, adding that the grand old party was on its way to a complete collapse.

Responding a question at the 18th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit about the current political situation and the results of the Bihar assembly elections, Kejriwal said: “At an overall level, the Congress is constantly collapsing or has collapsed already. It appears that there is no owner left of the Congress.”

He added: “State after state, we see that people get tired of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and vote for the Congress. And then the Congress gets the BJP’s government made. Congress MLAs go and join the BJP. Whether you vote for the BJP or the Congress, the BJP forms the government. I feel that at the national level, there is a need for an alternative [Opposition party] to the Congress.”

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In the recent Bihar elections, the Congress won just 19 of the 70 seats it contested and, according to some experts, hurt the chances of the opposition alliance to oust the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government. The party failed to win any seat in the by-elections to Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Manipur, Nagaland, Odisha and Telangana.

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“Whether that [an alternative to the Congress] is in the form of regional parties or in some other way, the people of India will decide… The Congress can’t give this country a future,” the Delhi chief minister said on Friday.

Kejriwal said that his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) did not have a big expanse across states in terms of organisational capacity. “But our work in Delhi has given hope to people across the country. People treat us with respect. But will the AAP be able to play a role at the national level in the future, only time will tell… People of the country will definitely give the country an alternative.”

Responding to Kejriwal’s remarks, Congress spokesperson Pranav Jha said: “With 8,000 Covid cases, spiralling deaths, mismanaged migrants crisis and Delhi riots, the poorer copy of BJP is claiming to be BJP’s alternative,” he said.

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