HTLS 2020: Leading the charge to transform the Capital

An engineer, an Income Tax official, a Right to Information activist, a Magsaysay Award winner, an anti-corruption crusader, the founder of the Aam Aadmi Party, and now, a three-time chief minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal’s achievements, at the age of 52, are impressive by any standards.

He led the India Against Corruption movement that gained great public traction; he formed the AAP and went on to lead the government in Delhi but only for 49 days; his decision to go national and contest against Narendra Modi in 2014 failed. But soon after, he scored a spectacular victory in the Delhi assembly elections of 2015, where the AAP won 67 of the 70 seats.

After a rout in the Lok Sabha polls in Delhi, Kejriwal performed impressively in the next big test, the Delhi assembly polls. The AAP swept Delhi again, winning 62 seats.

While the AAP government has had its share of controversies in running Delhi where key powers remain with the Centre, it has been hailed for its innovations in education, health and welfare delivery.

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