Life-like finger fighting video receives a thumbs up from netizens. Seen it yet?

There are plenty of videos on the Internet that netizens can’t get enough of. This finger fighting video based on a ninja battle theme is a perfect example of that category. Shared on Reddit, the old video has recaptured the attention of netizens. After watching, chances are you will be amazed thoroughly just like others.

Originally shared on a YouTube page called Mr. Manos in May, the video shows a fighting scene performed with fingers. Dressed just like ninja warriors, the battle with fingers is definitely an entertaining watch.

“The way those fingers are synced,” reads the caption alongside the video.

Take a look at the intense fight:

Posted on November 13, the clip has garnered over 5,800 upvotes along with numerous comments from netizens. People couldn’t stop praising how amazing the video was. Many also expressed that they played the video on loop.

“I can’t stop rewatching it for how good it is,” wrote a Reddit user. “Love how he simulates the slow motion too,” commented another. “This looks like a real fight. The fingers are so skilled. Hands down,” pointed out a third. To which one individual expressed punily, “I feel like you hid a pun in here but I can’t quite put my finger on it”.

“It’s a thumb up for me,” said a fourth.

What are your thoughts on this finger fighting video?

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