McDonald’s worker pays for man’s meal as act of kindness. Tweeple cannot stop showering praise

Random acts of kindness have a beautiful way of making someone’s day, week or month better. One such act was highlighted in a tweet and has since brought joy to many across social media.

In a post, Twitter user Josh-U-R shared his experience while visiting a McDonald’s outlet in Coventry, England. He explained in his tweet how an employee paid for his meal as part of her act of kindness for the day.

“A girl called ‘Enya’ who works at Tile Hill @McDonaldsUK just paid for my meal as her act of kindness for the day. Proper cheered me up after having a depressing day with the fact I’m at high risk of redundancy. I will pay this kind act forward tomorrow for sure,” he wrote in his tweet. He also shared a video of his interaction with Enya. In the clip, he added a caption mentioning how she thought it was thoughtful of him that he called his mother up and asked if she wanted something. He also wrote that the gesture “made his week”.

The tweet, since being shared on September 23, has struck a chord with many, who have shared words of praise about her act.

“Well done Enya, the world needs more people like you,” wrote an individual. “BRAVO,” posted another. “And good on you wanting to pay it forward to pass on the good deed! Love this! #keepitgoing” added a third.

Enya told The Sun that she has been doing this quite a while and often pays for customer’s meals.

“My motto is ‘takers eat better but givers sleep better’. I don’t do it for recognition – I just think it’s nice to do nice things for people,” she said, adding “You never know what someone is going through and what a kind gesture could do.”

Well, the wonderful act of kindness sure has won over and inspired many. What do you think about it?

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