Meet 41-year-old penguin Olde who has made it on Guinness World Records list

Olde, a gentoo penguin living in Odense Zoo in Denmark has big reason to celebrate. She has been crowned the ‘world’s oldest living penguin in captivity’ by the Guinness World Records (GWR) after crossing the age of 41.

On their website, GWR detailed how gentoo penguins – native to the Antarctic Peninsula and subantarctic islands – typically only live for 15 to 20 years in the wild. In captivity, however, their lifespan stretches to 30.

Guinness World Records also shared a tweet about the penguin mentioning how ‘Olde’ means ‘great-grandmother’ in Danish. She moved to Odense Zoo in 2003. “Keepers Sandie Munck and Mette Heikel are honoured to take care of the oldest living penguin in captivity,” they wrote further.

The zookeepers told Guinness World Records that Olde is a quiet and calm penguin who isn’t one to act out. They do give her special treatment given her age and provide Olde her portion of fish separately. Her plumage is also not watertight so she cannot get in the water. The zookeepers, thus, give her regular showers.

Olde has raised a total of 16 chicks and she even became a great-great-great grandmother this year.

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