Meet Toto, the doggo who is super interested in ‘doing’ jhaadu. Watch

Do you like sweeping the floor of your house? It can safely be said, most will murmur “no.” Turns out, Toto the doggo, is not someone who shies away from hard work. Instead, all the pooch ‘wants’ to do is exactly that – or at least a video shared on Instagram hilarious suggests so.

Shared on the dog’s personal profile, the video shows the dog snatching away a broom from a person trying to sweep a floor. “Aj Jhaadu tum logo ka bhai lagayega,” says the caption. Loosely translated from Hindi, the hilarious post says, “Today your bro will sweep the floor.”

Take a look at the clip and prepare to giggle hard:

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Since being shared, the video has gathered tons of comments. While some completely supported the pooch in his endeavour, others commented on the woman’s reaction.

“Just a Labrador labradoing,” wrote an Instagram user. “The ending where she went to snitch on the doggo is lit,” shared another. “You did awesome work,” encouraged a third. “Wahhhh bro good job,” shared another.

What do you think of this ‘hard working’ doggo? Did the pooch win you over or did it win you over?

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