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Speech and drama courses from the Trinity College London come to Coimbatore

Coimbatote Art and Theatrical Society (CATS) offers a mentoring programme for speech and drama based on the Trinity College London’s syllabus for children aged seven years and above. The structured framework of this course — which will be led by KV Siddhartha and Chanda Khaturia, who hold the ATCL Diploma from the college — encourages progressive development of performance and communication skills.

“Trinity College is well-known for its music programmes. So we want to popularise their courses on speech and drama,” says Siddhartha, the founder of CATS. The programme has nine grades and students will be grouped on the basis of their skill assessment.

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  • When: From June 19; 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Where: Centre For Live Art Programs, 95N, 3rd Floor, Prasad Chambers, East Arokiswamy Road, R.S Puram on Wednesdays; CS Academy Feeder School, (Opp. Nirmala College), Race Course on Thursdays; National Academy of Music, Sultanpet, Palakkad on Fridays
  • What: Limited batch of only 15 participants. Open to children aged seven years and above.
  • Call 9629645004, 9894288422 for details

“All the grades have sessions on voice modulation, body language and creativity and the difficulty level increase as you go up. Accent is not an issue, the focus is to make communication intelligible.” The programme will have 20 sessions, which Siddhartha promises “will be fun”. The final will be a performance-based exam in November. “Candidates may be asked to recite poetry in the lower levels and enact a part from any play in the higher levels. The certificates from grade six onwards are recognised in colleges across the world and useful for those who wish to pursue arts for their higher education.”

Students will receive individual feedback after each session. The programme will have three batches in three different locations: two in Coimbatore and one in Palakkad. “Each batch is limited to 15 students so that we can give individual attention to every student.”

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