Mumbai Police’s #ConsentMatters reply to man earns Twitter’s praise

Mumbai Police often tweets witty and creative advisory posts that leave people amused. Their posts never fail to create buzz online. The same is happening again but this time due a reply they shared while answering a question of a Twitter user.

It all started with a post that the department shared on December 31. They tweeted the giggle-inducing advisory post to remind people about the necessity to ensure safety on New Year’s Eve.

“Single and ready to mingle but ONLINE,” they tweeted and shared this image:

Expectedly, the post accumulated tons of responses. Among them was a reply where a person asked, “What if I reach her place by 11pm and stay there overnight?” In case you’re unaware, on the particular day a night curfew was imposed in Mumbai between 11 pm to 6 am.

To answer the Twitter user’s question, Mumbai Police came up with an apt and to the point reply. Here’s what they shared:

Mumbai Police’s response soon captured people’s attention. Applauding the reply, they shared various comments.

What do you think of the exchange?

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