NASA tweets that Moon is Earth’s ‘protective BFF’. Here’s why

NASA has got quite the fan following on Twitter and often the posts shared by the space agency create a buzz among people. Their latest post is no different. In this tweet NASA explained why Moon is Earth’s BFF and always had the blue planet’s back.

Taking to Twitter, the space agency wrote their reason and also shared a link which further gave a breakdown of the relationship between the two celestial bodies. The post is complete with an image.

“The Moon has ALWAYS had Earth’s back. Like a protective BFF, the Moon shielded the Earth’s early atmosphere from the unpredictability of space and powerful solar storms with its magnetic field 4 billion years ago,” the space agency tweeted.

The blog explained that about 4 and half billion years ago, the surface of the Earth was a “menacing hot mess”. The air was toxic and Sun bombarded the planet with “outbursts of radiation called flares.”

“The Moon seems to have presented a substantial protective barrier against the solar wind for the Earth, which was critical to Earth’s ability to maintain its atmosphere during this time,” said Jim Green, NASA’s chief scientist and lead author of the new study, cited the blog.

Since being shared, the post has received over 22,600 likes – and the numbers are only increasing. It has also gathered tons of comments from people.

“This is making me cry happy and fond tears for the Moon,” wrote a Twitter user. “Moon always had our back,” expressed another.

There were several people who were reminded of a chartbuster song called Moon by a member of K-Pop band BTS, Jin.

What do you think of NASA’s BFF post?

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