‘Poor people know that he is not their PM’: Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi at campaign rally

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi lashed out at BJP accusing them of misleading ordinary people on issues like the recently passed farm bills while addressing a rally at Bihariganj ahead of Phase 3 of Bihar Assembly Polls. He also accused the BJP-JD(U) government of mishandling the coronavirus situation in the state while campaigning for Subhashini Raj Rao, daughter of Loktantrik Janata Dal chief Sharad Yadav.

‘PM Modi said that he has freed the farmers and allowed them to increase their incomes. PM Modi should not have behaved in this manner with the farmers of India. He has allowed major corporations to reap profits of the hard work done by the farmers,” he said.

He also likened the handling of the Covid-19 crisis to the demonetisation exercise of 2016. He said, “Like demonetisation, the lockdowns were unannounced. Migrant workers asked me why the prime minister did not give us a day’s notice. The migrant workers now know that he is not their prime minister. He is the prime minister for the rich.”

He also lashed out at Bihar CM during his rally. Rahul Gandhi said that the chief minister should not seek votes from the citizens of Bihar as he failed to address the grievances of the returning migrant workers and also failed to generate employment for the youth.

“How can he come and ask you for votes? Was he able to generate jobs? Did he not lathicharge migrant workers who were returning from cities?,” Rahul Gandhi questioned.

He also asked people present in the rally if they remember when the demonetisation announcement was made. He likened the timings of the demonetisation announcement to that of the announcement of the lockdown and asked people if they remember how they have suffered during both events. He also asked people if they remember seeing the rich suffer as much as the poor in the aftermath of these announcements.

The final phase of polling will be held on November 7. The results of the Bihar assembly elections will be declared on November 10.

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