Rangoli Chandel on Kangana Ranaut blocking Sona Mohapatra: She can’t stand below average junk

Popular singer and performer Sona Mohapatra recently shared the news with her fans that Kangana Ranaut blocked her as she wrote, ‘Kangana hasn’t ever stood up for anyone but her own self & hasn’t acknowledged anyone who has cheered her in any case. That’s not a change maker or even thought leader of any worth. Yes, she’s been brave to call out some of the industry’s ills. That’s all. Will call her bluff.’

And now Kangana’s sister Rangoli Chandel has replied to singer as she wrote, “Sona Ji I don’t even know who you are and what you do but I keep seeing you on Kangana’s google page all the time commenting on everything that she says. Kangana loves responding to trolls who stimulate her intellectually or emotionally. What will she talk to you about? You have nothing to offer her. She can’t stand below average junk. @sonamohapatra.”

Later, Sona replied to Rangoli and tweeted, “Hahaha..the sister of the flag-bearer of the fight against what?Not nepotism for sure. My sisters don’t speak for me or troll for me,I have two.Also, Kangana might be impressing the mediocre with her messiah avatar, not me, surely not any basic intellect, forget intellectual.”

Well, now we have to wait to see what Rangoli replies to Sona Mohapatra.

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