Revelations and confrontations with truth

Coming out

I watched a movie recently and realised that my brother may be gay. As his younger sister, I want to be supportive. What can I say to make him be honest with me?

—AC, Via email

Has he said anything to make you feel comfortable as a heterosexual? I would believe not. You can extend your compassion and comprehension more from your actions than words. Of course, you should be there if he needs to discuss relationship issues – as you would have been anyway. But behave as normally as you can. Because it is a normal/natural phenomenon.on the right side

I’m the only son and surviving family member of my 65-year-old mother. I have career opportunities abroad, but mum won’t let me go. How do I make her understand?

—Kartik C, Lucknow

Compassion is a virtue. Try to be compassionate towards her on other fronts. Be honest when you do that. And I know compassion when exerted is also reciprocated.

After becoming a poster girl of strength with her fight against cancer, author Tahira Kashyap Khurrana’s straight-speaking has inspired many

From HT Brunch, October 04, 2020

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