Romantic proposal takes funny turn due to a biker. Here’s what happened

Talk about a memorable proposal! People plan a great deal to make a proposal special. However, sometimes things just happen and turn them into even more memorable events.

That’s sort of what happened in the case of this couple in the US. Their proposal has gone viral after a biker accidentally rammed into their photographer-friend recording their special moment. Another friend, who was also capturing the moment, recorded the whole thing and now it’s gone completely viral.

“If you want a proposal to never forget come propose in NYC… highly recommend,” wrote Chris Vigo on Instagram. The video accompanying the post shows him on one knee proposing to his fiancé (of course, she said yes) Angelina Rivera.

Behind them, you can see their friend, Joshua, moving in to capture the perfect shot. But just then, as if out of nowhere, a biker rams into him and both fall disrupting the moment.

The couple’s friend, Danamaia Martinez, captured the scene. We’ll just let you to watch the clip to see what happened:

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If you want a proposal to never forget come propose in NYC 😂 highly recommend 😭

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But, hey, don’t think this was a proposal gone wrong. The video of the moment turned out really nice.

“The edited clip holds a song I made for her prior to the engagement but truthfully the moment was still perfect to me and getting her to say yes and making sure I spend the rest of my life with her is what truly mattered,” Chris told Hindustan Times.

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Cue to the ‘awws’ already. Well, the proposal sure is a memorable one.

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