‘Slow and safe wins the long race’: Pune Police’s post on road safety sends an important message . Seen it yet?

Some of you remember the age-old tale of the rabbit and the tortoise. Often narrated to the youth, to teach them lessons about perseverance and hard work, this fable is now being used by the Pune Police to spread an important message. The clever share will educate and entertain you, all at once.

This image was shared on Pune Police’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts on November 3. “Slow and safe wins the long race,” reads the text shared alongside the post.

The graphic shows the picture of a tortoise. The text edited onto the image reads, “Even the slowest animal knows the importance of a helmet”. The hashtag #RoadSafety was shared along with the photograph.

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Since being shared on the Internet, this share has received a whole lot of appreciation from netizens. It currently has nearly 390 likes on Instagram and 230 likes on Twitter.

Here is what people had to say about the share. One Instagram user said, “Superb depiction! Hope people realize it’s importance”. Some left thumbs up emojis under the post.

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