Spotify tests polling features for podcasts

The new interactive feature facilitates direct communication between content creators and listeners via the app

Spotify is testing a new Polls feature that gives podcasters the opportunity to ask their audience questions within the app. Both the host and listeners will be able to see the responses in real time, opening up an entirely new way for creators and listeners to interact.

The feature rolls out on September 23 on a number of episodes of Spotify Originals and Exclusives, like The Rewatchables, Incredible Feats with Dan Cummins, Crime Countdown, and more.

Through Polls, listeners can share feedback and opinions as requested by the show’s hosts, who can use that information to better connect with their fans in future episodes — whether it’s discovering what topics listeners want more of, or learning about the type of guests they love to hear from. Users can find the poll at the bottom of the episode page for any podcasts where the feature is activated, or on the episode’s Now Playing page. Responding to a Poll is completely optional and your answer remains anonymous. Users who participate, willl be able to see how their response stacks up to other respondents.

During the testing phase, this feature will be available on select podcasts for 90% of users across all markets on iOS and Android devices. Spotify currently has 299 million users, including 138 million subscribers, across 92 markets.

With more than 1.5 million podcasts in its catalogue, Spotify offers personalised content such as ‘Your Daily Drive’ or ‘Wellness’, algorithmic recommendations like Your Daily Podcasts — now the new Polls makes it easier for listeners to engage with podcasts they enjoy, and for creators to hear from fans.

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