‘Still a long way to go…’

Known for films like ‘Zameen,’ ‘My Wife’s Murder,’ ‘D-Day’ and shows like ‘Jai Hanuman’ and ‘Naagin,’ Varanasi-born actor and director Manish Khanna feels it has been a contented journey but still he has a long way to go. “Mine, has been an eventful career with a great mix of roles but still there many interesting characters out there waiting for me,” he said.

Giving an insight on how things have changed in all these years in the industry, Manish said, “It’s a complete 360 degree turn that our industry has undergone. I’ve been here for almost 30 years now and in terms of content and stories we are living in the best era. It’s unbelievable that we could finally say no to those 100 dancers’ songs and overdramatised action films. I’m so glad that I’m able to work in this period where storytelling and good scripts are extremely essential.”

When asked about his TV journey where he has been part of larger than life shows too, he was quick to revert. “TV too underwent change but then television caters vast audience which includes kids, elderly and youngsters. These fantasy shows are planned for a target audience especially kids who enjoy such mind-boggling tales. Like, we as kids used to love super hero comics so why not a TV show can be based on it,” said Manish who plays a ‘tantrik’ in upcoming fantasy drama ‘Brahmarakshas-2.’

The versatile actor plans to shoot his directorial OTT series in Lucknow next month. “I have completed my college from Lucknow and have spent beautiful days in the city before shifting to Mumbai for my bread and better. I’ll always cherish those days and I always have this strong carving for Lakhnavi cuisine. I’m glad next month my work will take me to the city of Nawabs again,” he said.

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