Tamil actor Selvarathinam allegedly murdered for an illicit relationship with a married woman

In a shocking incident, Tamil actor Selvarathinam was allegedly hacked to death by a group of men in Chennai. This happened on November 15, 2020. Selvarathinam is known in the Tamil industry for his work on the show, Thenmozhi BA. According to his friend, he got a call on Sunday after which he left the house. It seems he was living with a friend who works as an AD in the industry. He left his home in the wee hours of the morning saying that he is going to meet some friends. He did not return post that. On investigation, it was found that he has been murdered. It seems the police has got the CCTV footage that shows that he was apparently hacked to death. One of the suspects has been identified as a certain Vijaykumar.

It seems the man found out that Selvarathinam was having an illicit relationship with his wife. He gathered a group of friends, and allegedly executed the plan. It is being investigated as pre-planned murder. A police officer told The Times Of India, “On Saturday, the actor did not go out for shooting and stayed with his friend Mani, an assistant director. In the wee hours of Sunday, he received a phone call after which he left. He told the assistant director that he was on his way to meet his friends but did not give any further details. However, Selvarathinam’s roommate received information that he has been hacked to death on Anna Nedumpathai by a gang of unidentified men.”

It seems his friend, assistant director Mani informed the police that his friend had been murdered. When the police checked the CCTV footage, they found that Selvarathinam had a short argument with the group before they decided to kill him. It seems some people in Tamil Nadu have seen the footage. No statement has come from the family so far.

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