This hilarious tweet poses a problem related to enjoying chai and biscuit. Can you solve it?

When it comes to chai, those who really enjoy it will tell you exactly how they prefer theirs. They’ll tell you what the colour should be, how much milk should go into it, if it should have elaichi or not. Not just this, people also have their favourites in terms of the biscuits they like- right from the brand to the style of eating it. With that in mind, a Twitter user has posted a problem he’s facing and now people can’t help but share their solutions to the issue. The tweet will likely make you laugh out loud and even prompt you to figure out a solution of your own.

IFS officer Praveen Angusamy posted a video which details his problem. The clip shows him holding a small cup full of chai. In his other hand, he has a biscuit which he attempts to dip in the tea. Here’s where the problem is – the biscuit is broader than the cup and cannot be dunked in the tea.

“Life is a struggle,” Angusamy wrote on Twitter while posting the video. “What would you have done if you were in my situation?” he asks further.

He also added an important note in his tweet and wrote, “FYI – Breaking the biscuit is not allowed.”

Take a look at the video below:

Since being shared last evening, the tweet has collected several reactions and possible solutions from tweeple.

What would you suggest to solve this problem?

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