This Twitter account is dedicated to cats hanging out where they shouldn’t. It is as fun as it sounds

From a Twitter account dedicated to people gripping food with force to one which features quirkily photoshopped-on-request pictures of people, the micro-blogging platform is home to a diverse range of unusual pages that never fail to entertain and excite netizens. This unique Twitter account, which is dedicated to cats hanging out in places where they shouldn’t, perfectly illustrates that notion. Seeing pictures and videos posted on the Twitter account titled ‘Cats Where They Shouldn’t Be’ may leave you giggling.

The Twitter account is run by @officialsangwoo. It features photographs and recording of, you guessed it, cats chilling in places where you wouldn’t usually expect them to. Many of these are submitted by netizens themselves.

Take a look at some of these hilarious posts here:

“Obviously he’s an officer detaining a suspect,” commented a Twitter user under the post, offering their perspective as to what may be going on in the scene.

It looks like this cat is a rebel.

“Just unbothered and living their life,” read one comment under this post.

“Is this a new rare bird breed I’m not aware of?” inquired somebody on the thread.

Now that’s a ‘catwalk’.

One person said, “Hear that applause? Sounds like the cat should be there”. Do you agree?

An individual wrote, “He just wants to kick the ball with his little paws, that is all. They should let him play,” under the clip.

What are your thoughts on this Twitter account? Did it leave you in fits too?

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