Tired of your glasses fogging while wearing a mask? This doctor has a simple solution

Do you wear spectacles and often find your glasses fogging up while you wear a mask? Have you been looking for a solution to this problem? Well, here’s a simple one from a doctor that may help you.

In a tweet posted on November 12, Daniel M. Heiferman, MD shared a simple technique he learnt in the OR to keep his glasses from fogging while wearing a mask. This simple solution can also help keep your mask from falling off your nose. And it only requires a band-aid.

“If you’re having a hard time with glasses fogging or keeping your mask up over your nose, a simple band-aid does wonders. Learned it in the OR. Feel free to share, it may save lives!” he tweeted.

The tweet, since being posted has collected over 1.3 lakh likes and more than 53,000 likes – and counting. Several people shared reactions to the tweet, including model Chrissy Teigen.

Here’s how others on Twitter reacted to the share.

“Genius. Thank you. Mine always works it’s way up my nose into my eyes. Please #StaySafe,” shared a Twitter user. “Thanks. With mask I usually have two options – not seeing anything because my glasses are fogging or to remove them and again not seeing anything,” posted another.

“Thank you! Why didn’t I think of this. I’ve been stumbling around unable to see. The rumors that I’m drunk aren’t true. LOL,” joked a third. “Thanks. Mine have been steaming up terrible while walking my dog. I have to take them off and them I can’t see when he poops. LOL,” commented a fourth.

What do you think about this tip? Would you give it a try?

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