Twitter’s new ‘know a spot’ trend is a giggle fest. Check it out

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you may have seen the new ‘know a spot’ trend on your feed. In the meme, tweeple call out somebody for saying that they know a place, as the name of the trend suggests. Then, they end the statement with unexpected, unconventional, and sometimes downright irreverent wording.

The trend seems to have taken the micro-blogging application by storm with tweeple creating ‘know a spot’ memes for almost anything and everything, simultaneously. However, netizens don’t seem to mind because most of these tweets are highly relatable and funny. If you think we’re exaggerating then get ready to be proven wrong. Here are some of the best ‘know a spot’ tweets to have graced the Internet.

There were some hilarious references:

Even a few to classic literature:

A Twitter user wrote, “Edgar Allan Poe be like ‘I know a spot’ then you be buried underneath a floorboard”.

Even Mumbai Police got involved in the conversation. They used the trend to send forth a critical health and safety message:

Some took this opportunity to reflect on past relationships:

Others just cracked jokes, straight up.

Another individual knowingly declared, “Trains will be like ‘i know a spot’ and then take you there efficiently and sustainably”.

Astrology buffs tweeted some rather funny things:

While a person said, “Pisces be like ‘I know a place’ then lose themselves in your eyes”.

Those were some of the funniest ‘know a spot’ memes on Twitter. What are your thoughts on this trend? Are you thinking of other, slightly abstract, ‘know a spot’ instances that you’ll be tweeting out?

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