What to do if you keep falling in and out of love

Are you one of those individuals who sometimes have this intense love and compassion towards your partner and the next minute you don’t see any love existing between the two of you? You, my friend, is falling in and out of love. This is a human thing to do but the other person in the relationship suffers a lot because of this. Here are three things that you can do if you keep falling in and out of love. 

1. Introspect and see how much have you contributed  in the relationship

Whenever you tend to lose your interest in your partner, it is time for you to ask yourself as to how much effort have you made to perk up the relationship. We always expect our partner to make things happen for us, but do we do our bit? Focus on why you fell in love with them in the first place. And be sure to create a support system around you and be surrounded with people who wants the two of you to be together.

2. Step into your partner’s shoes 

Put yourself in your partner’s place and see what he or she would be going through if their partner turned out to be so fickle-minded and unable to decide what he or she wants out of the relationship. This strategy will make you more empathetic and perhaps you wouldn’t be so impulsive in taking such decisions at the drop of a hat.

3. Make sure you don’t force it in the beginning 

A lot of times, you tend to fall out of love too soon is because you have forced yourself in the beginning into loving someone more than you felt like. And later you regret that their wasn’t so much love that you shared. So it  is necessary that you don’t force yourself into loving someone in the beginning.

 With inputs from relationship experts Able Joseph and Jai Madan.

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