Woman puts reflective collars on stray dogs, aims to prevent road accidents

Moved by the plight of stray dogs who had got accustomed to roaming freely during the Covid-imposed lockdown, a veterinary student is tagging them with reflective collars that aim to alert motorists to the canine presence on the roads, thus helping to prevent accidents.

“During the lockdown, I was feeding around 300 strays per day. During that period, dogs were used to having no cars on roads and they used to roam around and sit anywhere on the road. After the lockdown was lifted many accidents took place because these dogs used to continue to lie on the roads. I am putting these collars so that drivers can see them from distance and accidents can be avoided,” says Vibha.

The reflective collars, visible from a long distance, makes drivers aware that there is an animal on the road so that the driver can slow down the vehicle preventing the road accident.

Vibha says she hit upon the idea last winter and had begun strapping stray dogs with reflective collars from then on.

ANI also took to Twitter to shared images of Vibha:

The vet, who dreams of opening up a big shelter and a clinic through her trust says her vision is to ensure that no animal dies suffering on the road, without help and that every stray should be able to get a quality life which they deserve.

The student says her plans to dedicate her life to the welfare of animals and after completing her studies will group together her own team of animal lovers who will assist her in making the lives of the strays better.

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