Woman tweets her wish to open a bookstore in 2016, fulfils it in 2020

If you have been around the Internet recently, then chances are you’ve seen the ‘How it started vs how it’s going’ trend. This is a trend where people compare a particular incident in their life to show how it all began and how things are currently. Some posts shared under the trend are absolutely wholesome. Just like the one shared by this woman named Leanne Brown, who recently opened her bookstore called The Book Nook.

In a tweet shared from the bookstore’s official account, Brown shared multiple screenshots and an image of the store. In the caption, she just wrote, “How it started and how it is going”. And, it is the images that tell the rest of the story.

Turns out, back in 2016 Brown tweeted about how she spent a couple of nights imagining herself owning a book shop. To which, another Twitter user named Jasmine replied regarding how much she liked Brown’s idea and also mentioned that they should pursue the dream of opening the bookshop together. The next two screenshots show a conversation between Jasmine and Brown, where at one point the latter also mentions that The Book Nook would be a lovely name for the bookstore.

Since being shared on October 9, the post received a whole lot of love from Twitter. It gathered over 6.3 lakh likes and tons of comments from people. Many wrote about how this wholesome story has left them feeling happy. A few also shared their own dreams.

What do you think about the tweet?

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