Zomato gets 4,100 orders per minute on New Year eve, CEO Deepinder Goyal live tweets

One New Year’s Eve, Twitter was set on fire with Zomato owner Deepinder Goyal’s live tweets on how many orders the food-delivering application was getting. And this was not just from India. People from outside India especially from the UAE, Lebanon, Turkey were placing orders for people in India.

Here are some of the tweets that describe the frenzy

With curbs on celebrations in most of the cities in the view of the Covid-19 pandemic, most people, it seems, preferred to stay home and order food. And going by the CEO’s live account, there was no specific preference for New Year’s eve menu; salads, biryani — anything and everything was there on the plate. The order per minute rate on December 31 was the maximum ever, as the CEO of the app, founded in 2008, said. It surpassed the rate of India versus Pakistan match food ordering rate by 6pm, Goyal tweeted.

Meanwhile, he also shared a screenshot of a zoom call with his team members who were evidently flabbergasted by the order rate.

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