2019 Cricket World Cup | It’s out of our control: Gary Stead

New Zealand coach Gary Stead felt that there is no point obsessing about the rain that forced the abandonment of the World Cup match against India at Trent Bridge here on Thursday.

“It would have been lovely to play. It’s always tough mentally when you come prepared to play and it doesn’t happen. But it’s out of our control and we got to move on quickly against South Africa,” Stead said and added that “having reserve days will be a logistical nightmare.”

Stead pointed out that no one has a grip on the weather: “It can rain anywhere in the world. My first tour was in Dubai, and it rained there in the desert, and I never thought it was going to rain there.”

No bearing

The pragmatic coach, however, refused to read too much into New Zealand’s victory over India in an earlier practice match: “Warm-up games were a chance for us to get back together as a team but we are acutely aware it had no bearing on what was going to happen today.”

The next few days would be all about rest and recuperation for the Kiwis and Stead said: “The first thing we are going to do is have a couple of days off. We don’t play again for about six days now and I think it’s important that you manage your breaks.”

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