Ashwin wants to donate N95 masks for needy

India off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin’s Twitter page has of late seen a deluge of tweets that are mostly COVID-19 related.

Ashwin, who was the first Indian to pull out of IPL 2021 because of the COVID-19 situation in his family, on Friday, May 7, urged his followers to take their vaccine shots and to stop using cloth masks while stating that he is willing to donate N95 masks for those who cannot afford them.

‘I urge everyone going to get their vaccine shot to keep a safe distance from one another and double mask. (no cloth masks pls) . The very point of getting a vaccine is to fight this deadly virus, let’s not make that hopeful idea into a cluster.’ Ashwin tweeted.


‘N95 masks can be washed and reused. I am happy to buy and give it to people who can’t afford it!’ Ashwin promised.

‘Please let me know ways to distribute them if you or anyone on my timeline knows how,’ Ashwin added.

Last week, Ashwin’s wife Prithi Narayanan said her family had been through a ‘nightmare of a week’ after 10 members of the household tested positive for COVID-19.


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