‘Brothers of Destruction’: How The Undertaker helped develop Kane’s character in WWE

Every young fan of WWE (WWF back then) around the world has heard this rumour as a kid – The Undertaker is Kane’s real brother. Used heavily as a part of WWE storyline in late 1990s and 2000s, The Undertaker and Kane were shown to have a love-hate relationship after a toxic childhood while growing together as brothers. The two were initially involved in a feud, when Kane’s character was introduced in WWE, but later, the two went on to join forces to create one of the most dominant tag-teams in WWE history – ‘Brothers of Destruction’. In an episode of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast ‘Broken Skull Sessions, Kane, real named Glenn Jacobs, who is currently the mayor of Knoxville Country, Texas, revealed how The Undertaker, real name Mark Calloway, helped his WWE career.

Kane made his debut back in 1997 at pay-per-view Bad Blood. Before his appearance, Kane went on to meet with The Undertaker, who was already one of the biggest names in the industry at that point. As per the storyline, Undertaker’s manager (or “soul-bearer”) Paul Bearer had turned against him and was bringing his brother Kane to exact revenge on him.

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As per Ringside News, Kane, on the podcast, revealed that he discussed with The Undertaker how he could signal for his pyro effect, and the Dead man suggested that he should do exactly opposite of what he does. The notion was that since The Phenom raises his hands to turn on the light, Kane should bring his arms down to signal the flames to appear. The idea became Kane’s signature, and is still used to this date.

The ‘Devil’s favourite demon’ further recalled a moment when Taker spoke to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon on his behalf about him being worried about his role in the company. “I remember one time I was just having some issues with booking and stuff. I talked to Taker first and it didn’t even involve him. This was just my own thing, I just needed some guidance and I go and talk to Vince about it and he’s like, ‘Yeah I talked to The Undertaker about this earlier and he mentioned this to me. I think he worries about you more than he does himself,” Kane revealed.

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“That’s just how he’s been my entire career. Still to this day if I need something I hope he’ll feel the same way. I’ll call him (The Undertaker),” he added.

Well, even though Kane and The Undertaker are not blood-related in real, in effect, they seem to share a relation that is brotherly.

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