Kohli vs Shakib: Mutual admiration fuels World Cup tie

As the highly anticipated World Cup showdown between India and Bangladesh approaches, Virat Kohli and Shakib Al Hasan, have engaged in a mutual display of respect and admiration for each other’s cricketing abilities.

Virat Kohli, while acknowledging Shakib’s bowling prowess, emphasised the Bangladeshi captain’s remarkable control, experience, and skill in using the new ball to deceive batsmen. Kohli also said that the need for India to play at their best when facing talented bowlers like Shakib, who can create pressure and increase the likelihood of dismissals.

India have dominated Bangladesh in World Cup and have not given them much after losing to the Asian neighbours in 2007 in the Caribbean but Kohli reminded of the threat skipper Shakib Al Hasan poses with the ball on Thursday.

“Over the years, I’ve played a lot against him (Shakib). He’s got amazing control. He’s a very experienced bowler. He bowls very well with the new ball, knows how to deceive the batsman, and is also very economical,” Kohli said.

“You have to play your best against all these bowlers, and if you aren’t able to, these bowlers are able to create pressure and increase the chances of getting you out.”

India all-rounder Hardik Pandya agreed with Kohli.

“He is a very street-smart cricketer. He has been carrying Bangladesh on his shoulders for the longest years,” Pandya said.

Shakib, on the other hand, feels that Kohli is the best batter in the modern era.

“He’s (Kohli) a special batsman, probably the best batsman in the modern era. I think I’m lucky to get him out five times. Of course, it will give me great pleasure, taking his wicket,” he said.

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