Miami In Love With Messi Already!

Lionel Messi has Miami in a spell!

With the Argentine superstar set to make his Major League Soccer debut with Inter Miami next week, the city has been bitten by the Messi bug.

Everything from a hamburger to a beer to murals, Messi is all over Miami.

Sample this: A burger and drink combo called the Lionel Messi, a beer with a pink label matching the colour of the Inter Miami jersey and a huge sketch of the soccer star’s smiling face on a restaurant wall beside a viral meme from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Hard Rock Cafe is launching a new Messi Chicken Sandwich’ made from the soccer star’s favourite milanesas while the Argentine grill The Knife offers a Messi mojito.

With a massive Latin American population — more than 100,000 Argentines live in Miami, which will host World Cup matches in 2026 — it’s no surprise that Messi mania has engulfed the city.

As the 36 year old enters in what is expected to be the final phase of his career, he is expected to propel soccer’s popularity in the United States.

The seven-time winner of the Ballon d’Or is coming off two years with Paris Saint-Germain and is expected to make his Inter Miami debut against Mexican team Cruz Azul on July 21.




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