Not only Zampa, even Indian fielders use hand-warmers!

Australia leg-spinner Adam Zampa attracted unwarranted attention for repeatedly putting his hands in his trouser pockets during the World Cup game against India.

Later, it was learned that he was using hand warmers!

On Thursday, however, it was revealed that even the ‘Men in Blue’ use the same equipment to beat the biting cold.

Indian fans went on overdrive on social media accusing the Australian spinner of indulging in ball-tampering.

Skipper Aaron Finch was forced to clarify the use of hand warmers at the post-match interaction, saying it is part of cricketing equipment when players need to keep their hands warm in cooler confines to get the feel back in hands.

Asked how a fielding unit prepares for cold conditions, India’s fielding coach R Sridhar replied, “I think hand-warmers is obviously the first option to keep your hands warm.”

There are other options like “running from one fielding position to another or throwing the ball around” added Sridhar.

“That also keeps you warm between overs and doesn’t allow your body to cool down. Also, we practice in the same weather, so that also gives us a heads up.”

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