Two England players trap ball with spikes, raise eyebrows

The England team caused a flutter when two players tried playing football with the red Dukes ball during the post-lunch session on the fourth day of the second Test at Lord’s on Sunday.

A footage from the official broadcaster showed an England player passing the ball to another who used his spikes to trap it, raising a storm as accusations of ball tampering flew thick and fast.

The incident happened in the 35th over of India’s second innings, bowled by Ollie Robinson.

The footage didn’t show the face of the players. The umpires didn’t change the ball.

The issue has not escalated as nothing has been confirmed so far and the Indian team hasn’t lodged an official complaint with match referee Chris Broad.

When an Indian fan asked Stuart Broad on social media if playing football was intentional, the injured England seamer replied: “Of course, it wasn’t.”

Broad said the umpires should have checked the ball after the incident to ensure nothing has happened.

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