Want to mentor people from humble backgrounds: Mary Kom

The champion hints at retiring post 2020 Olympics

India’s boxing champion Mary Kom admitted that she wants to retire post the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Mary, when asked about her future after the Olympics next year, replied: “Maybe after 2020 I want to retire, I really want to give gold to the nation.”

The Indian boxer is a part of Colgate’s panel for its newly-launched Keep India Smiling Foundational Scholarship, which offers financial support to and mentors people across India to help them realise their dreams.

The six-time world champion told The Hindu that she wants to guide the needy to successfully pursue their dreams. “Obviously there is scholarship money, but that’s not enough. People from humble backgrounds like me need guidance and mentors too, that’s how I want to support Colgate in their mission,” she said.

Mary agreed that a lot of effort was being put in by various institutions to promote sporting culture, infrastructure and facilities in the country, but her goal was to inspire people to keep smiling, citing happiness as the key to holistic success.

India’s first-ever wheelchair-body builder Anand Arnold’s inspiring story was also played on the big screen.

Anand narrated with pride his journey from being Mr. Punjab in 2013 to Mr. Olympia in 2018.

“Everyone Deserves A Future They Can Smile About,” Colgate managing director Issam Bachaalani said of the reason behind introducing this scholarship.

The scholarship program has been launched in partnership with ShikshaDaan Foundation, a non-profit organisation that specialises in providing education and development to the underprivileged and Buddy4Study, India’s largest scholarship platform.

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