‘Wear your Royals cap with pride — for Warnie’

In an inspiring dressing room speech ahead of their IPL 2022 opening match, Head Coach Kumar Sangakkara asked the Rajasthan Royals players to take inspiration from their first skipper Shane Warne.

The players were shown a video paying tribute to Warne who led the Rajasthan Royals to the IPL title in 2008, ahead of the game against the Sunrisers Hyderabad on Tuesday, which they went on to win by 61 runs.

‘Everyone would have had different interactions with Warnie. I have known him for a very long time. He was unique as everyone of you are,’ Sri Lankan legend Sangakkara said.

‘We have seven debutants today, we have many more who are new. So when you take this cap today and wear it, you are not just living the memories, and showing gratitude and honouring Warnie, and the Royals, you are also honouring the fact that you guys are unique.’

‘So don’t be afraid to be authentic, not in terms of skills, but in terms of who you are with this franchise, your initials are here.’

‘All the guys who are playing today, who are new to the Royals, pick up your cap and when you wear it, wear it with pride — for Warnie, for the franchise but more importantly for yourself.’


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