Why Chahal MUST WATCH This Video

Jos Buttler and his England team-mate Joe Root, who are part of the Rajasthan Royals team, had a candid chat this week.

In a video shared by IPL’s Twitter handle, Buttler asked the former England captain to name a person who he would like to hang out with and avoid at the franchise.

Root responded the answer to both questions would be Yuzvendra Chahal. Despite playing against Chahal a lot over the years, Joe confessed he never really got a chance to know him.


Root then asked Buttler, England’s limited overs captain, to pick his best friend between him and Chahal.

Buttler came up with a gold response, saying, ‘Tough choice. When I’m in India, Yuzi can take care of me. When I’m outside, you can be my best mate.’

Buttler also revealed that Root worked in the Sheffield Circus as a juggler and asked him to show off his skills on the camera.

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