Why is Kapil Batting Again?

Kapil Dev wore batting gloves and picked up a cricket bat after years and joined India’s fight against COVID-19.

Featuring in an advertisement produced by Nissan India, India’s first World Cup-winning captain emphasised the need to wash hands as the country looks to bring an end to the dreaded pandemic.

‘Get the confidence to smash Corona out of the country. Legendary cricketer @therealkapildev shares his strategy to deal with the most dangerous bouncer India has ever seen,’ the automobile brand tweeted.

‘A fast ball can injure you. That is why we say, ‘stay protected’. While batting or keeping, we always wear gloves. Here’s one way to protect yourself from the coronavirus. Please wash your hands with soap or sanitise them often to keep yourself safe. Because this dangerous Corona ball can come your way, any time,’ Kapil says in the video, which says Support Team India, followed by the hashtag #IndiavsCorona.

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