A virtual springboard of actors and filmmakers

Sudheer Kumar Yandapalli has created an app that provides a platform for those struggling for break

Cinema, a world that has fascinated the makers and viewers for ages. Talents have come and gone with a few tasting success while the majority have been spurned by fickle fortune. And this is where the protagonist of this story, Sudheer Kumar Yandapalli, steps in.

Sudheer, whose debut film was shelved due to the lack of right contacts, founded Filmy Profile. “The platform is for those interested in a career in films. It is open to everyone — from actors, models and dancers to singers and photographers.” All one has to do is create an account with the line of interest, contact information and experience.

The platform, Sudheer says, will bring like-minded people together and also provide a break for those struggling to connect with people from the industry. “Without the right opportunity, even the best talents are not able to go far. We are trying to bridge the gap with Filmy Profile.”

The platform with over 6,000 registered users, features audition updates and help with networking, connecting with other talents and promoting the candidates’ portfolios, virtually. “Every registration will get a personalised link that s/he can share and this will also act as their personalised website space, dedicated specifically to them.”

The service, he claims, is free as of now. “We also have a paid service, where we offer you the networking facility. Here, you get access to people from the Kannada and the Telugu film industries. We get auditions for at least 10 people every week. Last week seven people were chosen by the Kannada film industry through our platform. We will share the details as soon as they sign their film projects.”

Sudheer says the idea for Filmy Profile germinated in 2015. “I also started off as a director, but could not get the right opportunity. That is when I started looking for people who were sailing in the same boat as me. I studied the challenges we faced and created this platform to address the practical problems faced by beginners in the field of cinema.”

For details visit www.filmyprofiles.in

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