An Interesting Argument Put Up By Uyyalawada Family

With Ram Charan clarifying that they need pay any royalty to Uyyalwada family for using the story of the patriot, and with Court giving clarity that fighting for a share in profits or for financial help is not a case that is worth enough to stall a film’s release, it looks like a faction of Uyyalawada family is deeply upset.

Apparently, some of the Uyyalwada family members are still appearing on TV channels and YouTube channels to give clarity about their argument. One of the ladies from the family has said other day, “Charan sir! The great Uyyalwada lost 10,000 acres to raise the army of 10,000 people in his fight against British and today his story became the key investment for your Sye Raa. You have to give us 10% of the 500 crores you have invested in this movie as a royalty”.

These words explain that this section of Uyyalawada family is acting without a basic understanding of how stuff like royalty works, or how films will be made on some real legends. Also, if the families of every great freedom fighter think in the same way that they gave so much to India, it will be an insult to the sacrifices their ancestors have made.

On the other hand, as Sye Raa is doing pretty well in Telugu states in terms of revenue generation, we have to see if Ram Charan will do something to Uyyalawada village.

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