Andrea McLean runs in underwear to prove she doesn’t care how big her bum looks

Loose Women star Andrea McLean joined the line-up of women running in their underwear as part of a body confidence campaign.

Andrea, 49, looked incredible as she completed the course wearing a matching black bra and pants and some glitter adorning her face.

Giovanna Fletcher, Model Shareefa J and marathon regular Anna Harding helped support the cheeky message as part of the Celebrate You team in the Vitality London 10k race.

Nearly 700 joined the team who were greeted by Olympics ace Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill at the finish line.

She said: “They are so brave.”

Andrea briefly paused to take a selfie with the sports star part way round the course.

Posting it on Instagram , Andrea wrote: "When you bump into an Olympic legend after running 10k in your pants to promote body confidence… Thank you @jessicaennishill for saying hello to a sweaty pushing-50-year-old woman, you’re amazing."

Giving her reasons for her unusual gym attire ahead of the race, Andrea said: " I want to represent women who are turning 50, who’ve had a hysterectomy or hit menopause.

“It’s about reminding people that the body is just the outer skin, and it’s what’s underneath – the soul, the heart, the brain that are important."

She added: "I turn 50 this year and I will not go quietly into the night and say, 'oh I'm an old lady now.'

"“I want to push myself to see what I can do, and I want to help other women push their boundaries, wherever they are, to help them feel amazing.

“I want to be a cheerleader to other women so we can all feel great.”

The charity run comes just after mum-of-two Andrea impressed viewers with her sting on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

TV star Andrea also recently revealed she is using cannabis oil to combat symptoms of the meonpause.

She told The Mirror: "It has ­massively taken the edge off things with the flushes and it has made me less ­anxious because anxiety is still a key thing for me.

“Unless you have experienced it like I have, where it feels like there is a tiger in the room, then no one really understands what it is like. It is awful.

"Before I started ­taking CBD oil my doctor recommended ­taking propranolol and it did change my life within a week. I am on the lowest dose and it has literally made me feel like a different person.

“It is not an anti-depressant but what I no longer feel is that sensation of being on high alert.”

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