Ankita Lokhande hits back at Sushant Singh Rajput’s fans trolling her: ‘Where were you when everything was falling apart in our lives?’

Sushant Singh Rajput's fans often leave abusive comments on Ankita Lokhande's Instagram videos. The actor has asked them to unfollow her and added that they have no right to judge her.

Ankita Lokhande, who was long considered an ally by Sushant Singh Rajput’s fans in their fight for investigation into his death case, now finds herself at the receiving end of their wrath. Ankita, on Monday, opened up about the abusive comments she has been getting by Sushant’s fans on her dance videos and Instagram reels.

Fans of the actor, who passed away in June 2020, have questioned Ankita for moving on in life and uploading happy, dance videos. In fact, on Ankita’s birthday last December, the actor was subjected to incessant trolling by fans, who weren’t pleased that she celebrated her special day with boyfriend Vicky Jain and family.

Ankita, In a close to 15-minute-long video, begins by saying that people, who don’t like her, should simply unfollow her than write negative comments on her timeline. The actor said these comments have taken a toll on the mental health of her parents.



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“I get disgusting comments on my videos. If you guys really have so much problem then you should not follow me. If you don’t like me then you should not follow me. If I don’t like someone I don’t follow them nor do i go to their account to write abusive comments. I love making dance videos for myself but I have been noticing that from past few days people have been abusing me.”

“These comments are really hurtful not for me because I don’t really care who says what about me but my parents get upset. They are sensitive. They don’t belong to this industry so it is very difficult for them to digest why people abuse me like this and then they worry that I have done something wrong,” Ankita says.

She further talks about her much-public relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput. The actor says that she is surprised that she is still blamed for their break up that happened in 2016, despite people not being privy to their relationship. Ankita adds that she could not be blamed if Sushant wanted to “grow in his life” and questions why people are concerned about it today when they didn’t worry while their relationship was falling apart.



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“No one can judge someone’s relationship. No one has the right to point fingers at someone else’s relationship. All those, who are today questioning me, perhaps didn’t even know about my relationship. If you had so much love and were so concerned, why are you fighting now. Where were you when everything was falling apart in our lives?

“People blame me today but I am not at all at fault. And I wouldn’t try to prove anyone wrong. Everyone has different motives in life. Sushant always wanted to grow in his life and that’s what he did. He went his way but where I am to be blamed for it? Why am I abused? What wrong did I do? You guys don’t know my story, nor do I want to narrate it. I don’t even want to say anything about Sushant.”

Ankita then reveals that she suffered depression–apparently during her break up with Sushant– and spent days crying and had no one by her side. “But you don’t know my story so, stop blaming me. It is really hurtful because I have also been through depression but I have never expressed it. I have also been in a terrible condition, I have also been pained and cried a lot.

“But no one stood by me except for my family and some fans, who continue to support me even today. I really respect them. But those, who don’t like me, please unfollow me. But stop blaming me for anything.”



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Ankita told fans that it is unfair to blame her for Sushant’s life when she was not in touch with him the last few years. The actor concluded by saying she is shocked that the same fans, who glorified her last year, have brought her down. “I am not in the scene. I wasn’t there in his life for years. But I had a responsibility towards him and I fulfilled it. I really hope you understand this and it’s wrong to abuse anyone without knowing them.”

“Think 10 times before you say anything. You will not get anything by blaming me. I was perhaps the first one to stand by your side. If you are truly someone’s fan and fighting for them, continue that fight. Even I am with you in this fight. But please also see which people he considered important. If you abuse his people, how will that work? There was a time when you guys glorified me and now you only put me down.”

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