Arjun Reddy Wants To Delete That One Film

Sometimes, we regret our choices in life and celebrities are no different. Bollywood actor, Shahid Kapoor, who is now tasting triumph and busy minting money at the box office with his latest film Kabir Singh, reveals his one of the biggest regrets in life. The actor has made many movies that weren’t good to watch. But one of the most crappy movies ever in his career was Shaandaar, according to Shahid.

The actor said he wants to go back in time and erase doing Shaandaar in his career. In of the popular channel Zoom, Shahid quoted “I would erase Shaandaar from my career trajectory if I could. No one from this generation of actors can claim that a bad film did well just because they were in it. I think I have a very low fan base. And I thank them every day of my life. I have done some really crappy films.”

Shaandaar movie was made in 2015 and Alia Bhatt was the female lead. The film has utterly failed to live up to its hype and in fact, actors expectations too. The film did remain as incoherent storyteller ever. Kudos to Shahid for voicing his distaste over one of his films, speaking on the behalf of his fans.

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