Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik reveals personal details about Eijaz Khan’s relationships behind his back, says he was TV’s blue-eyed boy who lost it all

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Kavita Kaushik is being criticised by fans for speaking about Eijaz Khan’s personal life behind his back. In Friday’s episode of the show, Kavita had a discussion with Rubina Dilaik about how Eijaz was once the favourite of the television industry, but has lost it all.

Eijaz and Kavita started off on a positive note after she entered the show as a wild card contestant recently, but things soured between them went Eijaz, as captain of the house, chose to send her into the ‘red zone’. She accused him of ‘using’ her.

Noticing Pavitra Punia’s feelings for him, she warned her that he cannot be trusted. She told Pavitra that Eijaz has clearly stated that he doesn’t have any romantic feelings for her, and that she should be careful. Pavitra said, “I am a woman who has had very few friendships and that is why friendships and loyalty matter a lot to me. Even if I have had one conversation with the person, the person put his trust in me, I would never betray him in front of the world as you did!”

Later, Kavita in a conversation with Rubina spoke about how Eijaz was once the blue-eyed boy of the TV industry, but lost it all. She also brought up his past relationship, but lost her as well.

Kavita’s attacks on Eijaz didn’t go down too well among his fans. “Kavita Kaushik has just nothing besides EIJAZ KHAN to talk about in the house !! Get a life woman – talk about something or someone else..” one person wrote on Twitter. “What the actual hell, Kavita using words like ‘kahan hai woh’ and saying that Eijaz lost a beautiful girl and making fun of Eijaz’s personal life like this? This is heartbreaking. On other hand Eijaz was talking about how hard his therapy was,” wrote another.

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Previously, Eijaz had spoken about his failed relationships in an interview to Pinkvilla. He’d said, “I have learnt many lessons during my relationships. Primarily I used to be an idiot, blamed some beautiful people who came into my life, blamed them. I have realised how I used to project my insecurities and my childhood trauma on them, how my basic nature was to play this passive aggressive person. How I wasn’t equipped for a relationship.”

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