Crazy Hero’s Family Enjoying In Producer’s Account

He happens to be one of the craziest heroes of Tollywood who is enjoying a vacation abroad now. When he and his buddies are sharing the pictures from last week or so, many thought that he’s on a vacation due to the scorching heat here in Hyderabad.

A bit of digging found that the hero actually went to that foreign country to kick start the latest schedule of his upcoming film. But he’s said to have left almost a week in advance, to take part in the holiday. That’s not all, he is said to have asked the producer to arrange for the stay of his friends and family as well.

This hero is earning good right now and the holiday in that exotic country is easily affordable. But it looks like he’s slowly becoming that good old senior of Tollywood who chews their current film producer for their needs. The producers could refuse to pay for all this, know?

When these youngsters turn stars, producers are bind over to respect their demands, because the very name of that star itself is giving him good table profits. That’s the reason producers are silently paying for such stuff these days.

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