Crazy Prabhas Fan On Cell Tower

With a massive fan-following, Prabhas is inevitably blessed with a vast number of adorers across the nation. His style, charisma and sizzling body have rewarded him with love and admiration from all language audiences.

In fact, many look forward to grabbing the opportunity of meeting Prabhas, after the releases of Bahubali and Saaho, as he is a dream man and role model to many now. But not all are lucky to meet this dashing young rebel star.

One crazy fan of Prabhas in Jangaan town, Telangana, has reportedly climbed a cell tower and demanded that Prabhas should come down and meet him. In spite of repeated attempts from locals and cops, the man refused to get down and said that until the actor comes to the location, he won’t listen to anyone.

This bizarre situation left cops in a confusing state as the man’s requirements are nearly impossible. He later threatened to commit suicide if his wish is not fulfilled. We wonder if the news has already reached Prabhas yet, and if it did, what was his reaction.

This is a great example that one should not cross the dangerous border of fandom. Being a die-hard fan doesn’t necessarily mean to go insane with taking drastic measures.

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