Dorinda Medley Reacts to 'RHONY' Frenemy Luann de Lesseps Being Taken Into Custody

The former friends have been on the outs since Season 10 of the Bravo series.

Despite Dorinda Medley’s ongoing feud with Luann de Lesseps, she says she’s rooting for her "Real Housewives of New York" co-star.

On Thursday, the Countess and cabaret star was taken into custody for violating her probation, and Dorinda feels for her — even if they’ve had a very rough two seasons.

"I was heartbroken, and I wish her well," Dorinda told Page Six. "I know it’s a terribly hard journey, and we are all rooting for her. I lit a candle for her yesterday."

On Season 10 of the Bravo series, Dorinda made some insensitive comments about Luann’s drunken 2017 arrest after Luann made some insensitive comments about Dorinda’s drinking habits. Dorinda then heckled (although she claims she didn’t) Luann at the latter’s first cabaret show because Luann didn’t extend an invite to Dorinda’s boyfriend after they both put her in contact with the company that made all her dresses for the show — "Jovani! Jovani!"

Dorinda has spent the majority of this season trying to make amends with Luann, but the latter’s been so consumed by her cabaret show that she hasn’t been very receptive to anyone.

Regardless, Dorinda said Luann’s situation reminded her of one of the darkest times of her own life — having to bury her husband, Richard Medley, in 2011.

"I know she probably can’t believe it now because I will say this," Dorinda said. "When Richard got terribly sick and died, there is something positive that will come out of that. I know it’s darkness before dawn, but there is always something wonderful, positive thing that will come out of it."

Although Luann was taken into custody in handcuffs on Thursday, she managed to avoid any jail time.

According to TMZ, earlier this month, Luann was found to have violated her probation after telling her probation officer she had drank "two glasses of mimosas after a performance" in Chicago in April, which is a major no-no considering she promised to stay away from alcohol for a full year after striking a plea deal for her infamous 2017 arrest.

She was presented with two options: immediately enroll in outpatient treatment for the failed sobriety test, or submit to wearing an ankle monitor. Page Six reported that Luann refused both, saying her schedule was too busy for treatment and that the ankle monitor was too intrusive.

As a result, she was ordered to appear in court on May 23.

The judge during Thursday’s hearing felt Luann was not taking her probation seriously and ordered additional probation conditions, including keeping a breathalyzer in her car, weekly phone sessions with a therapist, monthly in-person meetings with a psychiatrist and taking the prescription drug, Antabuse, which treats alcoholism. Her probation will continue to run until Aug. 28.

It wasn’t the first time she broke the conditions of her probation; in February, TMZ reported Luann failed to prove she had been attending the required two AA meetings per week and that she was not complying with taking random sobriety tests.

Luann was originally arrested on December 24, 2017, in Palm Beach, Florida, and charged with five crimes total, four of which were felonies: battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence, and two counts of corruption by threat.

Police footage showed the reality star completely intoxicated and out of control, yelling at cops and threatening to kill them. She even managed to slip her hands out of the handcuffs she was put in. Following the arrest, Luann "decided to seek professional guidance" and checked herself into a 21-day alcohol treatment center in Palm Beach.

Luann claims she remained sober until relapsing in July of last year. During the "RHONY" Season 11 premiere, she explained that her relapse was sparked by her kids’ and ex-husband’s lawsuit against her (alleging that she was supposed to set up a trust fund for the kids when she sold their family home). She said the lawsuit triggered a downward spiral, and that by the time her co-stars intervened, she was in the middle of a manic episode, desperately trying to buy a $6 million mansion in Upstate New York.

She re-entered treatment and claims she’s been sober ever since — minus those two mimosas.

"The Real Housewives of New York" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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